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6 Aspects to consider when hiring your Health Insurance 👨‍⚕️

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Having the protection of health insurance gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you and your family are financially prepared to face a possible accident or illness.

That is why we recommend that you carefully review the differences between insurance companies so that taking all the information into account, you can decide on the health insurance plan that suits you best.

1. Amounts of Coverage

Make sure that the medical insurance you hire serves both for mild care such as the flu, as well as for catastrophic diseases such as cancer, heart and brain disorders, kidney failure, etc. These serious diseases can be more common than you think and their costs are so high that they could exceed USD $ 125,000, affecting people of any age.

2. Coverage Fee

This is the Cost Table that the Insurer will take as a reference to settle your hospital expenses. There are companies that manage a low cost table, for example Harvard and they can tell you “if we cover at the Metropolitan Hospital”, but they will do so at the costs of the Insurer Table, then you will have to assume differences and excesses.

3. Free Choice of Providers

You must ensure that they allow you to choose who you can attend to, there are companies that work with few Providers, where you do not have access to all the specialties, nor to the most experienced doctors.

4. Definition of Pre-Stocks

It is very important that you know the definition that each company uses. Some companies may limit or not cover certain diseases, which in their discretion may have generated symptoms prior to the term of the contract. You prefer the option that guarantees 100% coverage from the date the disease was discovered.

5. Congenital Diseases

are those medical conditions that originate during the formation of the fetus in the mother's womb. Make sure that these diseases are not limited in your health insurance, some companies may consider them as pre-stock within a coverage limit, others on the other hand, if they verify that it is the first diagnosis, they will cover it 100%, which is more favorable. for the Insured.

If you have small children or are thinking of planning your Maternity, it is important that you review this coverage in your health insurance plan.

6. Permanence

It is very important to make sure that your health insurance has broad coverage and does not limit amounts or benefits due to age. Individual insurance guarantees you a long stay, which does not happen with Corporate.

In Elite Seguros you can easily compare these aspects and request specialized assistance internationally, or request an appointment with one of our advisors, so you can hire the Health Insurance Plan that best suits you and your family!

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