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Do I Still be Covered by my Health Insurance If I Leave The Country?

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Most health insurance policies have a national scope of coverage, but some include (or provide the option of having) foreign health care coverage.

This coverage, which includes medical, hospital, surgical, and pharmaceutical support, is especially useful in nations without a free public health system and enables the insurer to pay all or some of the associated medical costs abroad, regardless of the purpose of the trip (studies, work or tourism).

Signing a health insurance policy

It's crucial to distinguish between travel insurance with medical assistance and health insurance with international health care because the latter is explicitly contracted when the client travels and incorporates to the United States, while the former is additional coverage of the medical insurance that is subscribed annually and extends the specific health guarantees that the client enjoys in his country to his stay abroad.

A customer who travels frequently would typically be more interested in health insurance with help abroad than in personal travel insurance that includes this coverage each time he leaves his country.

What is Covered by International Health Insurance? 🛫

The following are the typical health insurance coverages for receiving Medical Care Abroad:

Medical care by my health insurance

1- Medical costs associated with a sickness or disaster overseas. The cost of the required physicians, as well as any recommended medications or those resulting from the client's hospitalization, are all charges that the insurance company will pay for.

2- Ambulance.

3- Transfers to the local hospital as well as to the patient's customary house.

4- The returns of the deceased to their home nation.

5- If the client needs to be in the hospital for a longer amount of time, family members may need to be transferred from their nation and their expenses may increase.

6- A client's stay may be prolonged by ten to fifteen days for medical reasons.

7- General health care.

General health care by my health insurance

8- Ambulatory surgery.

9- Primary and specialty care consultations.

10- When access to face-to-face medical treatment overseas is not available, phone or virtual consultations, a covering that has been necessary during the pandemic and the consequent subsequent confinement, can aid in severe circumstances or address minor issues.

11- Hospitalized after surgery.

12- Diagnostic procedures.

13- Urgent dental costs (limited to the maximum cost resulting from oral health issues during the trip).

14- Sending out medications if a client needs them, and they are not found in local pharmacies or hospitals.

Restrictions of Global Health Care 🌎🩺

International medical care by my health insurance

The seriousness or urgency of the treatment, the length of the stay abroad, the maximum economic limit associated with the cost of treatment, and the affiliation with medical centers are the four limitations that must be considered when purchasing a health insurance policy with health care coverage abroad.

Despite this extensive coverage, which practically extends to those covered by the national scope.

Urgent Medical Care 🚑

In the terms and conditions of the contract, it is stated in the terms and conditions of many insurance plans that include overseas health care that the coverage relates to the client's need for emergency medical services.

If an accident or sickness occurs while traveling, the insurance in this scenario extends to cover medical, surgical, and hospitalization-related costs paid by the customer.

medical care

Since the coronavirus pandemic breakout in 2020, for instance, the majority of insurers have verified that their customers' worldwide health care coverage includes the expense of hospitalization or treatment due to catching the disease, both in the client's home country and abroad.

Time of Stay Outside the Home Nation 🏡

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Most insurance companies that offer travel assistance overseas have time restrictions. There are additional specialized insurances for extended periods.

Economic Restrictions 💰

Coverages for a health insurance

Emergency dentistry costs, prolonged stay for health reasons, and charges related to foreign medical treatment typically have a cap, and any costs that exceed these caps must be covered by the policyholder.

The maximum stay is often limited to 10 days in insurance policies that cover the expenses of a family member traveling to be with the client in the case of hospitalization.

International Consensus on Centers 🤝🏼

The insurers' relationships with various worldwide networks and their differential guarantee are the final factor to be considered.

This assurance may include enhancements to the coverage while visiting them, such as receiving hospital care in single rooms, but it does not necessarily indicate that the aid must occur in these health facilities.

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