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The Epidemic Heightens Public Interest in Life Insurance 🤒

Importance of health insurance in pandemic

The pandemic tested the public health system, which had crumbled during the worst months of the health crisis, generating concerns about its resilience. In this environment, our perspective of risk shifted dramatically, and an increasing number of individuals were interested in the protection provided by various forms of insurance, such as life insurance.

In fact, there has been a rise in the purchase of life insurance plans over this time period. Furthermore, the insured profile has shifted, with younger people being more prevalent. Life insurance benefits have been enhanced to incorporate COVID-19 coverage during this procedure.

According to the Data:

39 percent of consumers plan to purchase life insurance during the next six to nine months. A statistic that is 14% greater than what was stated before the outbreak.

However, life insurance has not been the sole option. According to numerous investigations, the policies that have risen the most are those on health. According to their figures, these insurances climbed by 3.93 percent to 2,553 million at the start of 2021. Furthermore, they state that the growth in the first three months of 2020 (2,456 million euros) has increased by about 100 million euros when compared to the same time in 2021 (2,553 million euros).

Life Insurance: Expanding coverage

Health and life insurances

And there is no question that this sort of life or health insurance policy will continue to increase. Apart from society's increased awareness of the need for risk management, insurance firms are working on developing life insurance value propositions that react to new consumer demands, simplifying products, lowering operational complexity, and dramatically enhancing self-management.

Most insurers now provide a wide selection of individual life insurance options for each client. Adapting to the demands and unique circumstances of each family. In the case of MetLife Whole Life Insurance, it helps us to safeguard people who are most important to us through tough times.

You will be protected in the case of death for any reason...

Life insurance coverage on death

You can expand your protection by acquiring coverage for total and permanent impairment if you desire. Furthermore, it provides various supplementary value-added services at no additional cost that will assist your loved ones at this terrible moment, such as free will preparation, counseling and succession management for your loved ones, or the erasing of digital life, among others.

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