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The Importance of having a Private Health Insurance 🚑

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The limitation placed on general practitioners to refer patients to their specialist colleagues is already public knowledge. That is, they are forced to carry out any treatment regardless of whether or not it is within their competence.

In most health insurance plans, it is the patient who decides when and which specialist to go to. So suddenly your assessment is wrong since it could happen, for example, that someone asks for an appointment for the neurologist and he or she results in referring to the ophthalmologist if he finds that the condition, in this case, a recurrent headache, has nothing to do with his specialty. rather it is caused by vision problems.

Surely the patient will not bother having to go to a second appointment because it is better that they have enough and not that they lack options.

When it comes to diagnostic tests, these are usually scarce at the first consultation since, almost always, the way out for doctors is to prescribe ibuprofen. When he is a private health insurance doctor, he has no problem in requiring the diagnostic aids that he considers necessary to rule out pathologies and thus establish the most indicated treatment.

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It is also known as the eternal wait that implies for a user to be authorized a scheduled surgery. In private health insurance, it is enough that the doctor of your order and, if it is not pre-existing, the health insurance agency issues authorization, although in some cases committees are required that exhaustively study a case if they have doubts and then give it the go-ahead.

Except for possible delays that imply classification in emergency consultations, attention times, in general, in private health insurance are shorter due to the smaller number of people who demand the service and due to the range of possibilities in terms of clinics that contemplate the private plans, which include not only their own medical centers and clinics but also contract with the other private clinics and the best hospitals, which becomes a network of clinics and medical centers of free choice for the member.

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I have heard many times from users of this private health insurance who recovered in treatment of some disease, catastrophic or not, in an emergency or hospitalization in intensive care everything and more than they paid, preventively, for many years.

In other words, they consider that it was worth the effort to have paid the private health insurance that they never knew when they were going to need it.

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